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Neusis is a journal about the History and Philosophy of Science and Technology. It publishes original articles concerning the history and philosophy of natural and social sciences, of mathematics and logic, of medicine and of technology. It features articles about all aspects of the history of science, whether they concern the development of concepts and methods, or the formation and function of scientific institutions and establishments, or the relations between the sciences and the broad social and cultural environment in each historical period and in each national and social framework. Moreover, the journal features articles concerning issues related to the structural characteristics of scientific methods, to the role and significance of scientific experimentation, to the methods and forms of scientific explanations, to the method of scientific verification and refutation, to the various questions concerning scientific discoveries and change in scientific theories. Studies concerning an array of related fields, for example those of general history and philosophy, philology, textual studies, studies of science and technology, digital humanities, are also accepted, given that they are adequately connected to the main field of the journal, i.e. the History and Philosophy of Science and Technology.

Neusis is published biannually in the Greek language.


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