World Mythology

World Mythology

The book includes the mythologies of many nations. It provides a lively account of the myths and legends, the gods and the heroes, of contrasted cultures - from the Scandinavians to the South Africans, from the Indians of North America to the aborigines of Polynesia. ... Αναλυτικά

Greek Mythology

Greek Mythology

An Introduction to Myths - Volume 1

The first volume is general and it refers to the meaning of the Myth and the peculiarities that the Greek Myth presents, shows the way to analyse and interpret Myths, indicates the sources and connects mythology with religion.... Αναλυτικά

Cosmos - Cultural Osmosis - Mythology & Art

Cosmos - Cultural Osmosis - Mythology & Art

Acronym: Cosmos

Research Project

The abundance of Greek Mythology, combined with the need to preserve and spread the intangible cultural heritage, constitute the incentive towards the exploration of new ways to depict and narrate these fascinating "stories". The ... Αναλυτικά

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    Από όλα τα όμορφα έλατα του δάσους, ένα αστεράκι επέλεξε να πηγαίνει να κουρνιάζει μόνο σε ένα,στο ίδιο πάντοτε στραβό έλατο και σε κανένα άλλο.Το αστεράκι αγάπησε το στραβό ελατάκι και το διάλεξε ανάμεσα σε όλα τα πανύψηλα και εντυπωσιακά δέντρα που υψώνονταν ...


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