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In 1962 the late George Christopoulos founded Ekdotike Athenon aspiring to open new paths in the Greek publishing business.

Ekdotike Athenon extended its activity into fields like history, archaeology, the sciences, literature, and the fine arts. Working hand in hand with leading scholars from the foreign as well as the Greek Academic World, the company published works on Greek history and civilization that became a legacy of great value to the Greek World of letters.

The company focused on using the latest technical advances in the graphic arts and photography to bring its readers good quality hard cover books. Three of the company’s first reknown editions- the first two have won the Academy of Athens medal - are The History Of the Hellenic World (17 volumes), Pausanias’ Peregrination of Greece (five volumes) written by the noted archaeologist and scholar Nikolaos Papaxatzis and the series Greek Mythology (five volumes) edited by the leading scholar Ioannis Kakridis.

These three works constituted an important contribution to the Greek and foreign bibliography and marked the company’s important place in the Greek book market. In the following years the company contributed in archaeology with the publication of books on newly excavated findings and sites, as for instance the Vergina tombs (Vergina: The Royal Tombs written by Manolis Andronikos) and a series of archaeological guides on Greece’s major archaeological sites as for instance the Acropolis, Knossos, Mycenae, Mystras, many of which are sold with the approval of the Greek Ministry of Culture within the archaeological sites.

The company has also contributed in religious studies by publishing editions on the history of the Monasteries of Mount Athos and the collection of illuminated manuscripts kept in their possession (The Treasures of Mount Athos, 4 volumes) as well as special editions on the history, the architecture and the treasures kept in Monasteries such as the Monastery of St. John the Evangelist on the island of Patmos (Patmos: Treasures of the Monastery) and the Monastery of St. Catherine on the Sinai peninsula (Sinai:Treasures of the Monastery).

Art has also been a major focus of the company’s publications.

The 15 volume series Greek Art presents a history of Greek Art from 6000 B.C. to the twentieth century in three sections: Greek classical art (6 volumes), Byzantine Art (4 volumes) and Modern Greek Art (5 volumes).

The company has also developed a series on education books comprised by a 30 volume encyclopedia, 10 volumes of which consist of a thorough and complete Dictionary of Universal Biography.


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